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An Unforgettable Summer: “Lord Help!”


It was a frequent part of my Grandfather’s (Axel A. Olson) evening prayer as we finished yet another workday. It seemed so different from seeing him in action throughout the day as I worked for him during the summer prior to the start of my Freshman year at Bethel College (now called Bethel University).  

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Expect the Unexpected – An Unforgettable Poolside Moment to Remember


“They told me I can’t sing at the pool!!” Mark said, confused and a bit exasperated. The comment caught Dave, Forrey and me off guard. “Why don’t you ask the lifeguard if you can sing?” we suggested. Mark, 15, who was born with Downs Syndrome, immediately left our table next to the pool and walked

Expect the Unexpected – An Unforgettable Poolside Moment to Remember2019-08-28T13:51:32+00:00

Welcome to the Family


It startled me to hear my son spontaneously singing Happy Birthday to Harry. Harry, a senior living community resident, was attending a reception with a group of high school students. The students had just concluded a musical program at the residence. Someone had informed my son that Harry had a birthday that same day. At

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