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The Bethel University MBA Program exists to develop MBA students professionally, intellectually, personally, ethically and spiritually. Professionals seek the Bethel MBA to pursue a promotion, improve their job opportunities, earn a raise, or become a better manager. Students meet these goals while in the program or shortly after and so much more. Students consistently comment that they become better people as well as leaders and managers, develop their character, boost their confidence, and broaden their perspective….transforming into the type of professionals organizations are looking to acquire and promote.

Bethel’s 42 credit MBA Program is designed to be flexible for working professionals who are in town or out of town. The focus is on key leadership, management and business topics which are then practically applied even more deeply to a focused concentration. Bethel offers eight concentrations and also considers providing up to 12 graduate-level credits toward the 42 credit MBA for holders of graduate level certifications, such as the PMP, or MITx Micromaster’s Certificates. For more information, please visit: 

My freshman year of college was at Bethel University.  I was a double major in political science and business and economics.  I attended Western Washington University located in Bellingham, Washington my sophomore and half of my junior year largely due to the fact that Bethel did not offer a degree in business.  Bethel began to offer a degree in business and economics so I returned to Bethel half way through my junior year and completed the B.A. with a double major at Bethel.

Upon graduation from Bethel, I moved to Illinois always thinking that there would be a day when God would lead me back to Minnesota or to Washington but it seemed like that day would never come.  Very grateful to God for all the years living in Lake County Illinois; however unexpectedly an opportunity presented itself to serve on the adjunct faculty in the undergraduate business and economics department of Bethel University.

Throughout my career, I had discussions around the country with a variety of leaders in long-term care, which often included observations related to the lack of long-term care educational initiatives.  In particular, there was a dramatic void of health care educational offerings within a faith based distinctive.

Never in my wildest imagination when those discussions were occurring with long-term care leaders through the years could I have pictured that God would specifically answer this prayer through a return to Bethel in a teaching role.

Bethel was and continues to be focused on expanding its emphasis on health care.  The MBA program was expanded to include a health care concentration.  Unexpectedly, I have the delight of also serving on the MBA faculty.  The online course I have taught the past two school years is Health Care Administration Finance .  What an honor and a delight to work with these current and future health care professionals who continue to demonstrate a tremendous passion for making a wonderful difference in the challenging world of health care.

Ric Olson Bethel Courses as of March – 2022

Business Communication – Undergrad – Fall and Spring Semester – 2018

Spring Semester – 2019

Spring Semester  – 2020

Spring Semester –  2021

Health Care Administration Finance – MBA – Spring – 2020, Spring 2021,  Spring – 2022 – Scheduled Spring – 2023

Introduction to Health Care – Undergrad  – Fall 2021 and Spring 2022

Scheduled – Fall 2022 and Spring 2023