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These are tough times.  No margin – no mission has never been truer.  Positive financial margins are eroding or non-existent.  The erosion of the financial margin within long-term care communities and services oftentimes results in a shift in focus from a person centered mindset to a compliance mentality.  A weakened “financial margin and serve margin” can quickly move to an unfavorable personal and/or professional margin often resulting in leader burnout or times of depression.

How can the financial margin be strengthened in times like these?

Lessons Learned Solutions has recently entered into a referral agreement with ICG.  Our initial area of focus is on the employee retention tax credit.  The employee retention tax credit is the perfect complement to the PPP loan.

Check out the Following Opportunity.  Be sure to watch the video.

 The Employee Retention Tax Credit was created by the CARES act in early 2020 to incentive employers to keep employees working. It originally was somewhat restrictive but changed dramatically throughout 2020 and into 2021—so much that most tax preparers haven’t kept up with the changes.

ICG Advisor’s tax credit partner team has been capturing $10-15,000 per employee (in direct government payments) for our clients. One team of 9 software developers is getting over $180,000 with 2 quarters to go in 2021.

The estimate requires a simple questionnaire—which costs nothing! Within 3 days the client receives a no-obligation estimate of what our team can deliver. If they want to move forward, we have some additional questions, they upload some payroll data, and agree to pay us 20% of what we recover, via our payment plan. We will then deliver all the documents, forms, worksheets, and schedules necessary for applying for the credits. The client mails in the package and waits for the payment.

Next Steps – Fill out the Lessons Learned Solutions contact form (on the Lessons Learned Solutions website).  You will be contacted for an initial discussion and possible next steps.

The following are comments written from a long-time Forbes contributor.

Bottom Line:

“The ERC is an $80 billion dollar tax program that hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses and tax-exempt entities – that are good candidates for the ERC – are failing to consider. Business owners and tax-exempt managers are losing out on significant tax benefits – benefits that can help retain jobs and create new jobs. Unfortunately, the biggest losers are the workers who would benefit from a business or tax-exempt maintaining a job or the creation of a new job. The ERC: it’s worth a hard look.”