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Healthcare has gone digital, making it easier to provide the people you serve with the best care possible. However, going digital has also increased the risk of cyberattacks. Are you confident that your records and procedures are safe from ransomware and cybersecurity breaches?

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Breaches to sensitive data such as patient medical history, insurance records, and billing information can result in unauthorized changes to treatment plans and medications or identity theft. Even a minor breach can cause significant damage to healthcare organizations and life-threatening situations for the people you serve. 

 As a result, cyberattacks must be dealt with promptly and effectively to mitigate damages, but it’s even more critical to put time-tested security measures in place, so breaches never happen. Unfortunately, virtually all cybersecurity runs on a “Detect and Respond” platform, which only recognizes “known” threats. With over 18,000 new, unique threats, no “detect and respond” platform can stay ahead. In fact, with this security measure in place, you’re already behind when a threat detonates. 

That’s what makes AppGuard different.  

AppGuard’s innovative cybersecurity protects your sensitive medical data and prevents ransomware from ever happening. This cybersecurity defense will prevent ransomware, data loss, and malware intrusions “at the door” without impacting your daily operations.

More than 6,000 large companies, including the CIA, trust AppGuard’s quick, efficient, and noninvasive cyber protection. Now, AppGuard is available to small and mid-sized businesses. AppGuard is simple to install, requires almost no monitoring, and remains HIPPA compliant to protect your sensitive information. 

Since there is so much confidential information at stake, healthcare business owners cannot afford to risk a cyberattack. 

Discover how AppGuard can prevent ransomware attacks from your healthcare facility. Just message Ric to schedule a discovery call with AppGuard. 

Wondering if your current software protection is secure enough? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your files, storage, and transmission secure?
  • Are your website forms secure?
  • Does your website have SSL implementation?
  • Are you protecting cookies to ensure that information stays private?
  • Is your web server process secured?
  • Is your server protected against SQL injections?
  • Have you recently tested your website against denial of service (DoS) attacks?
  • BONUS: Can your current security measures brag of never being compromised–even by sovereign-state or country-level efforts?

If you’re unsure about any of these questions, you could be at risk of a cyberattack. Learn more about how AppGuard’s innovative cybersecurity solutions can help you by watching this overview video.

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