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LeadingAge Minnesota – March 2021

As a Bethel MBA Instructor and healthcare professional, I am grateful for the steady hearts and hands who have sacrificed so much during the pandemic, especially those like you who serve in long-term care communities. A Primary Caregiver Gives Thanks responds

A Reflection with Ric – Lessons Learned from a CFO’s First Day

His name was James P Drevets. He was the first Chief Financial Officer of Covenant Retirement Communities and my predecessor, mentor, colleague, and trusted friend. I was the first employee of a central office established by Covenant leadership to serve

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A Reflection with Ric – A Primary Caregiver Gives Thanks

“Your wife’s cancer has returned.” What just happened???  In June (2020) we heard good news after my wife’s annual mammogram – all clear.  The chances her breast cancer of 2006 would return became more remote with each passing year.  Then

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A Reflection with Ric – An Unforgettable Veteran

On the occasions when I traveled to Washington, D.C. for work, I took great joy visiting the many Memorials on The National Mall. The Memorials regularly stirred up a variety of emotions, pride, awe, and often, a great deal of

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The Pandemic of 1918 – 1920 – A Family Member Looks Back

A Reflection with Ric – The Pandemic of 1918 – 1920 – A Family Member Looks Back Silas Theodore Olson 14 Jan 1903 – 27 Jan 1920 When visiting my grandparents many years ago, I discovered some very old Olson

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