I Love You Lord!


The long-term care community always looked forward to the annual talent show. One year I especially remember, despite her reluctance, the Life Enrichment team encouraged Ruth to enter. Ruth, in her 90s, eventually agreed, though she now lived in the skilled nursing community. Ruth second-guessed herself about entering the talent show right up to when

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Sing all the Verses!


Our leadership team walked through the campus singing Christmas carols. We came to the dining room for folks who needed a great deal of assistance with daily living – many suffered from varying degrees of memory loss. Ina sat in the back of the room.  Ina’s husband, a Pastor, had died quite a few years

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Who Knows My Name?


A reflection with Ric story about an unforgettable change agent. Who Knows My Name? “This is my third time here.  Does anybody know my name? Does anybody really care?” Leo asked. Several of us attended that Wednesday evening college and career Bible study and prayer meeting when he asked this question.  Leo had served as

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