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A Reflection with Ric – 9/11 Revisited

2020-04-15T17:42:44+00:00 “Did you see what is happening in New York?” The woman’s comment caught me totally off guard as I walked past her in the hotel hallway. I had been preparing for leadership team meetings in San Diego with leaders from around the country and had not seen the news. “They flew a plane into

A Reflection with Ric – 9/11 Revisited2020-04-15T17:42:44+00:00

Reflection with Ric – This Too Shall Pass!


Please review the following article: April 12, 1955 was a day in United States History that was almost set aside as a national holiday. Americans in 1955 lived with two major fears – polio and nuclear war. Students in schools on that special day when the announcement was made about the vaccine

Reflection with Ric – This Too Shall Pass!2021-06-25T15:31:26+00:00
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