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April 12, 1955 was a day in United States History that was almost set aside as a national holiday.

Americans in 1955 lived with two major fears – polio and nuclear war.

Students in schools on that special day when the announcement was made about the vaccine would soon be lining up to receive their first polio shots.

Years later, in my first healthcare position as budget manager of Swedish Covenant Hospital, my office was located in a building built with funds provided by the government for the primary purpose of treating polio patients.

It was hard to imagine my office was first used as an inpatient room for those suffering with polio.

Grateful that a vaccine banished polio from our midst.

May history soon repeat itself as we collectively fight the coronavirus.

Blessings on you!

“The announcement date was also historic because ten years earlier on April 12, 1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt, a polio sufferer, had died while president.  The scientists purposely released the news of the vaccine on the anniversary of his death to honor him.  Roosevelt had started the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, whose March of Dimes campaigns became legendary.”