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An Unexpected Encounter with an Unforgettable Cat!


“I can’t wait to see Pansy,” my Mother said right after we exchanged hellos. Moments earlier, as I dialed the phone that early May evening, I had dreaded talking with Mother. Her opening comment caught me off guard. Mom had breast cancer surgery nearly six years earlier and had been cancer-free ever since.  Then during

An Unexpected Encounter with an Unforgettable Cat!2019-10-01T14:07:15+00:00

A reflection with Ric long-term care story about an unexpected Minnesota Twins’ surprise!


“Would it be ok with you if we took your Dad to a Twin’s game tomorrow afternoon?” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Dad had been a Twin’s fan from the first day in 1961 that the franchise moved to Minnesota from Washington D.C. Dad had never been to a Twin’s game during all

A reflection with Ric long-term care story about an unexpected Minnesota Twins’ surprise!2019-09-10T18:16:09+00:00

An Unforgettable Summer: “Lord Help!”


It was a frequent part of my Grandfather’s (Axel A. Olson) evening prayer as we finished yet another workday. It seemed so different from seeing him in action throughout the day as I worked for him during the summer prior to the start of my Freshman year at Bethel College (now called Bethel University).  

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Expect the Unexpected – An Unforgettable Poolside Moment to Remember


“They told me I can’t sing at the pool!!” Mark said, confused and a bit exasperated. The comment caught Dave, Forrey and me off guard. “Why don’t you ask the lifeguard if you can sing?” we suggested. Mark, 15, who was born with Downs Syndrome, immediately left our table next to the pool and walked

Expect the Unexpected – An Unforgettable Poolside Moment to Remember2019-08-28T13:51:32+00:00

Welcome to the Family


It startled me to hear my son spontaneously singing Happy Birthday to Harry. Harry, a senior living community resident, was attending a reception with a group of high school students. The students had just concluded a musical program at the residence. Someone had informed my son that Harry had a birthday that same day. At

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Tennis Anyone?


Grandpa Anderson (we called him Mr. A) often said, “There are lots of ways to win at tennis.” My Uncle smiled as he described seeing his father in action. Mr. A relied on placement, not power. At the end of a match opponents walked off the court shaking their head in disbelief, replaying the shot

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An Unforgettable Fishing Adventure


“Grandson. We are going to fish today at the dam.” Usually we fished from the pier or a boat. This added to my excitement. I had almost achieved 10 years of age, and really looked forward to going on this new fishing adventure. So off we went. When we got to the dam, my Grandpa

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Gift that Changed the Direction of a Life


Early in life, possibly as early as kindergarten, our son received a gift of a CD from his grandfather that would change his life. The CD contained classical music, a departure from the gospel and old gold rock and roll preferred by my wife and me. We were surprised by and pleased with the gift

Gift that Changed the Direction of a Life2019-07-01T14:41:10+00:00

Leadership 101 – An Unforgettable Checkers Game


Leadership 101 – An Unforgettable Checkers Game My folks told me that Rev. J.G. Johnson would be coming to our church in Cokato to speak. Johnson served as the “number one” leader in the Minnesota Baptist Conference. Coming to our rural Minnesota church to visit and to preach on a Sunday would be a

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