What a year! Although the changes in senior care keep coming…You are not alone.

We’re very grateful for LeadingAge Minnesota and those in senior care (like you! ✨) who have provided support, guidance, and assistance during these challenging times and faithfully throughout the years.

As a business partner with LeadingAge Minnesota, Ric Olson at Lessons Learned Solutions continues to find it both an honor and a delight to:

  • Serve in fractional leadership roles.
  • Teach at Bethel University.
  • Engage in senior care writing and (now more recently) speaking endeavors.

Check out Lessons Learned Solutions for more information on these initiatives.

Why Partner With Ric Olson?

Ric Olson, Founder of Lessons Learned Solutions, provides financial relief and personal healing to leaders in smaller senior living communities.

He also works with leaders to create vibrant senior care communities by actively combating loneliness, helplessness and boredom experienced by so many senior residents and elders in today’s world.

What You’ll Gain

✅ Encouragement in your senior care leadership role.
✅ Direction to create vibrant senior living communities.
✅ Advice to make wise financial decisions for your community.
✅ Insight to increase your profit margins while simplifying your daily operations.
✅ Partnership with a professional who cares about your work and well-being.

Get A Free Financial Assessment

~ Coming Fall 2021 ~

This fall, Ric Olson will provide a limited number of FREE, high-level financial assessments. He will assess your community and provide a personalized budget plan that will help you maximize profits. If you’re interested, let us know by filling out our contact form below. Spots are limited, so don’t wait!

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Make A Difference in Senior Living

👉 Watch the Webinar
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By watching, you’ll learn how to improve senior living communities by focusing on a few key metrics. Ric Olson presented this information through Bethel University’s MBA program in April 2021.

This recording is FREE to watch as an expression of thanks for all of your hard work this year in senior care. 🙌

Combatting COVID-19 With Key Performance Indicators:

A Long-Term Care Perspective

Learn how you can make a difference in our world today by using key concepts in long-term care that have made significant strides in our senior living communities around the country for many years.

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Access Passcode: r5#a%s6Z

How A Checkers Game Changed A Kid’s Life

👉 Read it now

Everybody loves a good story. Discover how a leader’s simple act transformed the life of a sick kid struggling with asthma. By intentionally going out of your way for others, you’ll never know the impact your leadership could create in another’s life.

Thank you again for the way you honor and respect elders with a 24/7 mindset. We hope to stay in touch.

Blessings on you!

Ric Olson


Lessons Learned Solutions LLC