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 “I’m So Lonely – I Just Wanna Die”


A Reflection with Ric  “I’m So Lonely – I Just Wanna Die”   As I approached her room, I saw the door stood slightly open.  I could barely see her and noticed she sat hunched over in her wheelchair.  I heard the Chicago Cubs’ game on her TV. “May I come in?” I asked, knocking

 “I’m So Lonely – I Just Wanna Die”2021-06-25T15:32:50+00:00

A Reflection with Ric – 1968 Revisited


As I drove back to Bellingham, Washington from St. Paul, Minnesota after completing my freshman year at Bethel, I knew my life had dramatically changed but I had no idea how much. At Bethel, I encountered Professor G.W. Carlson who taught Political Science. Professor Carlson challenged me to research, think and to pray through issues

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STAYING SANE IN AN INSANE TIME  Richard H. Cox, MD, PhD, DMin ---There have been many times in history when the human race has faced mass insanity, and this is one of them. Brilliant minds are distracted, creative minds are blunted, and values are questioned. Morals are provoked, relationships are pushed to

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A Reflection with Ric – 9/11 Revisited

2020-04-15T17:42:44+00:00 “Did you see what is happening in New York?” The woman’s comment caught me totally off guard as I walked past her in the hotel hallway. I had been preparing for leadership team meetings in San Diego with leaders from around the country and had not seen the news. “They flew a plane into

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Reflection with Ric – This Too Shall Pass!


Please review the following article: April 12, 1955 was a day in United States History that was almost set aside as a national holiday. Americans in 1955 lived with two major fears – polio and nuclear war. Students in schools on that special day when the announcement was made about the vaccine

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I Love You Lord!


The long-term care community always looked forward to the annual talent show. One year I especially remember, despite her reluctance, the Life Enrichment team encouraged Ruth to enter. Ruth, in her 90s, eventually agreed, though she now lived in the skilled nursing community. Ruth second-guessed herself about entering the talent show right up to when

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Who Knows My Name?


A reflection with Ric story about an unforgettable change agent. Who Knows My Name? “This is my third time here.  Does anybody know my name? Does anybody really care?” Leo asked. Several of us attended that Wednesday evening college and career Bible study and prayer meeting when he asked this question.  Leo had served as

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Two Words – Big Impact


Everything changed the moment Doug walked into the adult day care center where my wife volunteered. He had worked in management until his late fifties until he suffered a stroke. Now he could no longer work, and his every day speaking skills were limited.  But the new realities from the stroke did not limit Doug

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