As a business partner with LeadingAge MN, Ric Olson offers essential resources to enhance your margins in senior living communities and help you provide the best care and services possible.

If you want to support your employees with strengthened financials and protect your confidential information, these solutions are for you! 

Please reply or contact Ric if you’re interested in either resource. Then, Ric will connect with you about the next steps.

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Resource 1: Strengthen Your Financials

👉 This employer incentive program lets you pay your employees from a place of financial security.

Ric has partnered with ICG Advisor’s tax credit team so that employers (like you!) can reap the financial benefits of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC).

✅ Easy to get with no limitations on use
✅ Captures $10–15,000 per employee (on average)
 Requires no payback or forgiveness 
✅ They handle the paperwork; you wait for the cash 
✅ Starts with a simple, no-cost questionnaire 
✅ Only pay based on what you receive

What other businesses have qualified for through the ERTC:

  • Hairstylist operation with 8 stylists = $150,000
  • Nonprofit with 12 employees = $180,000
  • Digital education/training company with 65 employees = $665,000
  • Fulfillment company with 45 employees = $702,000
  • Warehouse/Distribution company with 280 employees = $5.9M
  • Midwest nonprofit with 600+ employees = $10.9M
  • …And you could be next!
Receive Your No-Obligation Tax Credit Estimate
Resource 2: Protect Your Confidential Information

👉 This innovative cybersecurity will prevent ransomware and cyberattacks from ever happening.

Without cybersecurity, you risk losing confidential data and damaging the lives of those you serve. Even a minor breach could result in life-threatening situations, such as unauthorized changes to patient treatment plans and medications or identity theft.

Ric partnered with AppGuard so that you can enhance your digital security and protect your confidential information. Virtually all other cybersecurity runs on a “Detect and Respond” platform, meaning you’re behind when the threat detonates; however, AppGuard stops threats from ever happening.

✅ Trusted by the CIA and over 6,000 large businesses
✅ Has never been breached in over 8 years of operations
✅ Requires almost no monitoring
✅ Remains HIPAA compliant
✅ Installation is simple and happens remotely 

You can message Ric to schedule a no-obligation discovery call with the AppGuard team, where you’ll learn about your current cybersecurity status and where AppGuard can provide reinforcement.

Protect The People You Serve From Cyberattacks

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Ric Olson is a mission-driven visionary who focuses on helping leaders in senior living communities find guidance and relief in their workplace. With years of experience in economics, long-term care, and teaching, his mission is to shed light on challenging issues by providing you with guiding resources, consulting, and sharing his experience. Learn More.
Thank you for being a healthcare leader in your senior living community. We hope these resources bring you practical solutions for running your facility with even greater margins.

Blessings on you!

Ric Olson


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