Potential Financial Incentive

At no cost to you, check out this potential financial incentive as a way to:

  • Strengthen your overall financial margin.
  • Improve your overall cash position.
  • Keep your employees working.
  • Provide the best care possible.

How? You know these are tough times. No margin – no mission is truer than ever as positive financial margins erode and become non-existent.

Without the right margins, you cannot sustain your employees or the best care. You risk shifting from a person-centered mindset to a compliance mindset just to get by. If your margins plummet, you won’t be able to keep all your employees, and those who stay could face radical burnout or depression.

So, here’s the good news:

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) can strengthen your financial margins without any cost to you. This way, you can financially sustain your employees and find the support you need for giving person-centered care.

Lessons Learned Solutions began a referral agreement with ICG Advisors to make this process even easier for you. Our partnership focuses on getting you connected with ERTC. To date, ICG Advisors have captured $10-15,000 per employee (in direct government payments) for their clients.

How much will you qualify for? Watch this video to see how ERTC works, and fill out our contact form to request your estimate!

Sessions at 2022 Institute & Expo

Ric Olson has the honor of speaking during the LeadingAge Minnesota’s 2022 Institute & Expo.

The Leadership Intensive is only part of this event. It’s designed for leaders and executives to help their organizations build the momentum necessary to propel them to the other side of the pandemic and beyond.

Leadership Intensive

WEDNESDAY, February 9 | 12:15-4pm

  • Transform your strategic planning into a living, breathing, actionable process that allows you to be flexible and adaptable to the changing environment.
  • Know how to engage the people closest to the work – its challenges as well as opportunities – in your strategic planning efforts. Engaged and invested staff are powerful partners in accomplishing organizational goals.
  • Explore how to lead your organization in a way that creates and sustains community and strengthens connections.
  • Reignite your passions as a servant leader to restore the spirit of optimism throughout your organization and the greater community.

No Margin, No Mission:

Building Stronger Small Rural Aging Services Providers (AL, CC)
THURSDAY, February 10 | 10:30-11:30am

  • Describe how you can generate a consistent and sustainable positive financial operating margin.
  • Discuss the process for creating a resident or elder-centered care experience within a highly regulated and mandated environment.
  • Explore effective strategies for you and your team to stay strong and mission-focused during these challenging times.

Save $100 by registering on or before January 4, 2022!

Click Here to: Register Today

Merry Christmas!

As an expression of thanks for the difference you are making in the lives of elders and so many others, take a moment to enjoy this Christmas story.

Happy New Year!

Take a moment to enjoy the following Reflection with Ric story with a message to begin the New Year with and to keep at the front of our minds in 2022.

Thank you again for the way you honor and respect elders with a 24/7 mindset. We hope to stay in touch, and I’m looking forward to connecting in 2022!

Blessings on you!

Ric Olson


Lessons Learned Solutions LLC


As a business partner with LeadingAge Minnesota, Ric Olson at Lessons Learned Solutions continues to find it both an honor and a delight to:

  • Serve in fractional leadership roles.
  • Teach at Bethel University.
  • Engage in senior care writing and (now more recently) speaking endeavors.

Check out Lessons Learned Solutions for more information on these initiatives.